Assalammualaikum wbt..

call me masnie.. some call me masni and some call me mas. but never call me maz cos my name isnt spelled with a Z.. get really annoyed wz ppl who call me maz when they really emphasize the z...

i'm very sorry to say that i'm married.. hehehe.. got married in 2004 with my high school sweetheart which i'll be referring as schatz throughout the blog entries.. we have 2 sons.. the eldest is muaz born in 2008 and the youngest is asyraf born in 2010..

i'm currently pursuing a professional certificate in islamic finance & working at a full-pledged Islamic bank in KL..

i'm quite a computer freak.. spending most of my time with the computer. trying almost everything there is on the Internet.. loves new tech gadgets but still cant afford most of them yet. arggh!!

these are a few things you should know abt me:

  1. i dont have any problem expressing my feelings
  2. i'm temperamental
  3. i'm still struggling to be a very good muslim
  4. working in an islamic bank is my way of doing jihad
  5. i love helping out ppl tht they jus dont understand why?
  6. i love watching anime!!!

you still dont get me? read my blog then..

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Friday, May 15, 2015
Under construction

Planning to get back to blogging..


Posted at Friday, May 15, 2015 by meisumiyat

Friday, January 21, 2011
back to work!

I took a one-year unpaid leave to pursue my study at INCEIF and I'm suppose to report back to work on 25-Jan-2011. I reported for duty early on 19-Jan-2011 and it seems that the department needed my service badly!

there's been changes while i was away.. new staff, new boss in top management, staff leaving the dept, staff leaving the bank and etc. Aliah and I were  considered old timers in our section/unit and the dept really need us to train the newbies.. most of staff later than us couldn't manage to stay longer due to personal or career reasons..

Aliah may be leaving too sooner or later.. she's pregnant and will be expecting to deliver in March. Faizal is getting married in March. Huda is thinking of taking BNM offer for training and working at Ambank. I don't know about Ibrahim. March is going to be hectic as it is also the month for financial year closing. Kena bersiap sedia la gamaknya..

I was told by my boss that the dept almost lost me.. I'm not sure what he means.. It seems that HR didn't wanna stay in the dept. I did mentioned this to my father in-law expecting him to say like.. "wah! your dept still wants you.. that's good." but instead he said that i should grab the opportunity to go to other places.. what?! he may be right but i think i'm starting to like my job and it's just been only 2 years working in my dept.. i love the ppl here.. i don't feel like leaving just yet.. hmmm.. i don't know really.. this old man can sometimes be true to what he's saying. i hope i made the right choice. Insha Allah.

anyways, it feels exciting to be back for work. this time it is more meaningful to me because it is now much clearer to me to be working in an Islamic bank and Islamic finance industry after taking the study in Islamic finance. Alhamdulillah.

However, i have yet to finish my course because i have to resit for 2 papers and finish my practical/articleship period. I hope i can graduate on time and meet all my INCEIF friends for convocation!!


My Currents

state: excited to work
looking forward to: make a difference in work
task: signing documents
lesson learnt: knowledge is power!
new: friends at workplace
lost: keychain bought at Pangkor
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Posted at Friday, January 21, 2011 by meisumiyat

Tuesday, January 04, 2011
my 2011 resolutions

Alhamdulillah. New year 2011 has just opened its door.. I'm writing down my 2011 resolutions to encourage myself to make it happen!! here we go..

  1. cut-off sugar : i admit that i'm a sweet-tooth person.. i never like plain water or even any drinks that tasted plain.. i must have sugar!! it hit me some time last week when i accompanied my mom to the hospital when i read the posters that they have at the hospital walls.. particularly on diabetes.. scary!! so, masnie, cut-off your sugar intake immediately!!
  2. exercise more : unfortunately, i'm not a sport person. i don't like outdoor activities.. i blame it on the Internet particularly facebook. Bcos of my unhealthy eating habits, i should exercise more.. the only workout i do is walking from my 9th floor apartment to the parking lot.. i use the lift of course to go down and then walk about 100m to the parking building and climb up the stairs to my car which is parked on the 1st floor.. adoi... 
  3. lose weight : this is sooooo important!! i feel huge! i feel ugly! i want to be able fit to most of the gorgeous clothes at the shopping mall.. :( even my existing clothes don't fit anymore.. sedihnya!!! i hate this!! if i had the cash, i would just go london body management like our artists do..
  4. practice my CIFP knowledge at work : yes!! i learnt alot during my CIFP program. i know that it can help me in my line of work in the bank since i'm involved in checking for the compliance whether relating to Shariah or not.. i will be back for work on the 17th.. insya Allah.. i just can't wait to work especially because i feel that i'm performing a jihad for Islam.. i must fight in the battle to crush the conventional banking system! Allahuakbar! :)
  5. expose and teach my children of Islam as a way of life : yes!! slowly, schatz and i talk about who is Allah to muaz, show him the importance of Solah (Islamic prayers), teach him alif ba ta, and etc.. we shall also always recite Zikr to asyraf and muaz so that they can eventually memorize and recite as well. Insya Allah..
  6. visit abah more often : this was hard because he moves around alot.. ntah betul ke tidak.. Allah saja je la tau.. but now, since i'm helping him out paying the house rent in Kajang, i may be able to see him often.. i need to be sure that he's okay since he's getting older and sicker.. i don't want to regret the day when he's not here anymore.. :(
i think that's it for now.. i know there's a lot more but i have to go now to head to shah alam and pick up my mom.. she'll be spending the night at my place until tomorrow.. i'm accompanying her to the hospital again tomorrow..


My Currents

state: getting ready to go out
looking forward to: a vacation in pangkor island!
task: get the PC fixed and fulfill 2011 resolutions
lesson learnt: i have an unhealthy lifestyle
new: -
lost: -
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Posted at Tuesday, January 04, 2011 by meisumiyat

Monday, January 03, 2011
Insha Allah by Maher Zain

Just to share 2 vids on Maher Zain's song titled "Insha Allah"..  I include the lyrics as well...

Insha Allah (God Willing) - Maher Zain.

Every time
You feel like you cannot go on
You feel so lost and that you're so alone
All you see is night
And darkness all around
You feel so helpless you can't see which way to go
Don't despair
And never lose hope
'Cause Allah is always by your side

Insha Allah
Insha Allah
Insha Allah
You'll find your way

Every time
You commit one more mistake
You feel you can't repent and that it's way too late
You're so confused
Wrong decisions you have made
Haunt your mind and your heart is full shame
But don't despair
And never lose hope
Coz Allah is always by your side


Turn to Allah
He's never far away
Put your trust in Him
Raise your hands and pray
Ya Allah
Guide my steps, don't let me go astray
You're the only one who can show me the way
Show me the way
Show me the way
Show me the way

We'll find the way


My Currents

state: chilling
looking forward to: a vacation in pangkor island
task: get a wifi at home
lesson learnt: Allah knows best
new: toothbrush :)
lost: Framewhiz App - muaz accidentally deleted it!
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Posted at Monday, January 03, 2011 by meisumiyat

Friday, December 24, 2010
i'm finishing my scholarship program

Salam. How time flies. and how busy i was that i didnt have the time to update my blog..

anyways, i've completed my academic part for INCEIF CIFP scholarship program!! sort of.. i'm supposed to pass 14 courses in a year.. but sadly, i've already failed 2 courses.. :( the program is tough i tell you!! right now, i've only passed 6 courses and yet to know the result of another 6 courses because i just finished the final exam for them.. the result will come out sometime in Jan 2011.  Pray for me!!

later, in Jan 2011, i'll be back for work and that the same time doing the practical part for my CIFP program. during this time, i've to retake the courses tht i've failed as an online student and resit for exam.. using my own money... AAAHHH!

the courses tht i failed were tough for me.. one is on islamic accounting.. i don't know normal accounting at all, what more islamic accounting?! i've to get someone to tutor me on basic accounting.. the other one is wealth planning mgt. it was tough because it was during my confinement after giving birth to baby asyraf.. the sleepless nites having to attend to your newborn most of the time.. i thought i did ok in the exam which i still came for during my confinement (driving myself lagi). sadly, i didnt pass.. very sad..

i really hope that i pass the recent 6 courses!! i'm still gonna study when i start working next year.. another tough deal!! pray for me!!


My Currents

state: chilling
looking forward to: a vacation
task: get a wifi at home
lesson learnt: i made it through the tough times
new: Iphone 3G and 2011 resolutions
lost: CIFP classroom sessions
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Posted at Friday, December 24, 2010 by meisumiyat

Wednesday, October 20, 2010
introducing my 2nd pride & joy

salam. it's a been awhile since my last entry. been busy with my new baby. YES! my new baby!! my latest pride & joy! it's a boy! his name is Muhammad Asyraf. he was born on 18th June 2010 at 2.17pm. he weighed 3.06kg. he's so adorable like his brother. muaz loves asyraf so much.. when ppl tease muaz and told him tht they wanna take asyraf, he would tell me to take asyraf.. "ibu, amik.. amik.." so cute!

anyways, here are some pics of baby asyraf..


My Currents

state: rushing to get docs finalized on house financing
looking forward to: have a 'kenduri' at inlaws to celebrate asyraf
task: finishing my assignments
lesson learnt: i have big babies, asyraf's weight doubled in 3 months!
new: meaning in life, asyraf..
lost: suckling moments with muaz. muaz stopped breastfeeding on 10th October 2010, 10-10-10!
updated recently: 
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Posted at Wednesday, October 20, 2010 by meisumiyat

Thursday, April 22, 2010
trip to cherating

planned to go for a vacation before coming into my 32 weeks of pregnancy.. by then i have to be near around KL in case of delivery of course..

i wanted really bad to go to langkawi but due to small budget and my hubby's last minute decision.. we ended up going to cherating.. what to do in cherating? just strolling at the beach.. kinda boring.. if we were in langkawi, we can go to various places on the island of course.. i'm still 'terkilan' until today, y'know..

this vacation was also a celebration on my 30th birthday.. it should have been well-planned.. it should had been memorable and romantic.. i was hoping that schatz had been serious on this.. well, schatz sucks on this  matter.. especially ever since we have a son now.. :.(

why is it hard to pamper me once in a while? i know that it's not the same now but it can still be done if you put an effort to it..

to tell you the truth.. i think this is a beginning of a relationship turning sour.. what to do? i don't know.. i haven't change besides being pregnant again.. i still show my affections and love.. maybe i should do more? after delivering this 2nd baby, maybe i should transform myself to a gorgeous babe?! yeah.. maybe i should.. maybe then he will realize and loves me..

anyway, i have to put this aside as i'll be having my final exam on CIFP next week starting 26th April until 6th May. i can't let this bothers me..

ya Allah, give me the strength...

back to the trip to cherating.. the place we stayed at suria cherating beach resort sucked - 2 single bed, terrible view of the sea, lights not working, etc. schatz's friend booked the place but i did mentioned to schatz to make sure that we had a queen-sized bed.. i was really upset finding out that we had 2 single bed!

schatz put together the beds but there was a table lamp in between that can't be moved and he puts it on the bed. wtf?! i told him to take muaz out for awhile.. i arranged back the bed to their original positions.. i'm sleeping with muaz tonite.. i was emotionally upset and cried afterwards..

i tried to enjoy my time there but it was hard.. as 2nd day came, that morning i started to enjoy myself seeing muaz having a great time but it vanished when muaz was bitten by a wild ant while playing on the slides.. the ant may had got into his left shoe when we walked to the playground across the grass from the beach.. all went well at the playground until we noticed he was scratching his neck.. that was when we realized red rashes starting to build up his body. we rushed to our room immediately..

we bathed muaz and put powder on him.. the rashes were all over muaz's neck, chest, tummy, back, groin, armpit and between his eyes.. poor muaz.. immediately, we took him to the nearest clinic which was in kemaman.. about 5 mins drive from the resort.

it was an alergy reaction due to the insect bite. i remembered when it happened to me not long time ago.. i guess muaz inherent this condition from me.. poor muaz..

later that afternoon, after giving muaz his medicine and put him to sleep, the rashes subsided eventually.. alhamdulillah.. as promised to muaz, we took him for a stroll and swim at the beach..

we return to KL the next morning.. it wasn't all a disastrous vacation seeing that your baby son enjoyed his stay..


My Currents

state: studying
looking forward to: finish exam
task: study smart
lesson learnt: people change 
new: gynecologist at ampang puteri specialists centre
lost: feelings
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Posted at Thursday, April 22, 2010 by meisumiyat

Friday, March 05, 2010
producing big babies?

went for regular check-up last monday.

i'm in my 23 weeks now.. looking at my baby via ultra-sound scan, the doctor measured the fetus and said that the baby is 21 weeks old.. how come? well, the doctor did not seem to be alarmed.. it's not unusual for the doctor it seems..  the doctor then told me that if her diagnose is correct, the baby will be born at least 1 week late from the due date..

muaz did came out 2 days late from the expected due date. but still, anything can happen. the doctor may be telling me this through her experience. she's a very good doctor. that's why i dont mind seeing her for check-up as her clinic is quite far from my place.

later, when the doctor found out that i put on 4 kilos in 3 weeks, she immediately asked me whether i was diagnosed for diabetes when i was pregnant with muaz. i said no. but muaz was a big baby when he came out. he was 3.8 kilos. the doctor wants me to do the MGTT next week to be sure.. if the result is negative then maybe i'm just producing big babies..

but that morning i just had a big breakfast. well, i dunno for sure.. i do like to eat sweet things..

but then again, seeing muaz now.. he is only 22 months old but people thought he was 3 years old.. he is tall since he was a baby.. i don't mind him being big as long as he is healthy all the way.. insya Allah.


My Currents

state: busy
looking forward to: do MGTT next monday
task: finishing my assignments
lesson learnt: i may be producing big babies
new: music pets on FB
lost: sleeping hours
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Posted at Friday, March 05, 2010 by meisumiyat

Sunday, February 28, 2010
semester break!

woohoo! semester break starts tomorrow until friday, 5/3/2010. maybe a break from lectures but not from assignments. i'll be doing my assignments the whole week! nak buat macamana? ok la tu..

it's kinda hard to do anything at home with muaz wanting you to play with him all the time.. his dad is not helping much because muaz wants his mom to be around him.. aiyoo.. i have to make sure that i use this break effectively.. sorry muaz.. ibu have to send you to the nursery.. ibu has to work lor.. 

btw, i'm expecting a boy! whoa! ada geng la muaz.. my next scan is sometime next week.. i will check for his lil thingy again to be sure.. heheh.. to be honest, i was hoping for a girl.. wanna dress her up with lil cute dress and do her hair.. but it's still ok if the baby turns out to be a boy.. we can try again for a girl later.. :p

i don't know if i'm giving enough attention to my 2nd baby.. i recite al-Quran lesser than i did when i was pregnant with muaz.. i'm trying my best to recite more.. insya Allah.. i bought a qari CD by Sheikh Saad Said Al-Ghamidi a few days ago.

did i tell you that my due date is just 3 days apart with my youngest sister? she's still wondering her baby's gender.. she and her hubby are hoping for a boy.. my mom had a very ironic idea that we can switch our babies if my sister were expecting a girl!! i can't do that? it would still be the same for my mom because she's still the granny for both of our babies no matter what.. eee.. pelik.. pelik..

My sister and I both agree that Allah knows best.. we have to be grateful with what we have.. insya Allah..

my new challenge now is to name my baby. i already have a name for a baby girl but still having a tough time finding a suitable name for a boy.. my hubby likes this one name and he's trying to sweet talk to me to use the name.. fyi, my hubby and i agreed that we take turn to name our baby.. he gave our 1st child, his name.. an now it's my turn to give our 2nd child's name..

we want it to be simple and short with a good meaning behind it.. any suggestions for a boy's name? :)


My Currents

state: busy
looking forward to: finish 50% on the assignments during semester break
task: finishing my assignments
lesson learnt: Allah knows best 
new: qari CD
lost: sleeping hours
updated recently:
neopets; facebook;


Posted at Sunday, February 28, 2010 by meisumiyat

Friday, February 12, 2010
hi 2010!


it's been ages since my last entry.. busy with work, busy with family.. i miss blogging. will try my best to start back on track..

what's the latest with me? well..

  1. i'm 5 months pregnant! see.. i've been busy.. :p
  2. i'm taking unpaid leave from my work to further my study in Islamic Finance at INCEIF. been offered a scholarship from INCEIF under Bank Negara. it's been a month now. tough program since i took IT last time i did my degree. but considering i worked for a full-pledged islamic bank for 3 years, i need to expand my knowledge. this my jihad to my religion.
  3. muaz is now 1 year and 9 months old. he's learning to talk now. he calls me 'bobok', thanks to his dad.
  4. last month, my sister, mieka got married. all of my sisters are now married.. alhamdulillah. my youngest sister is also expecting her first child this year. ada geng..

the other pieces in my life are just about the same.. no change with my dad..

okla.. enuff for today.. see ya!


My Currents

state: determines
looking forward to: learn all about islamic finance
task: finish my assignments
lesson learnt: seek more knowledge
new: islamic finance and friends
lost: working hours
updated recently:
neopets; facebook;


Posted at Friday, February 12, 2010 by meisumiyat

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